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Professional Music Productions from song idea up to mastering.

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Quality Online Music Lessons with 100% professional sound and multi-camera.

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The biggest turn off for Online lessons is that the sound isn't good and the image is blurry. Not to mention the occasional cut outs.

At Pulsar Music Studio we offer quality online music lessons were you will experience professional quality sound, multi-cameras, use of backing tracks and software tools that make lessons a lot more enjoyable and a very stable internet connection with no cut outs.

VoiceKeyboards & PianoGuitar & Bass GuitarDrums
Audio & Music Production: Recording, Editing, Mixing and/or MasteringDJ mixingSongwriting
*TRIAL lessons are 50% off.

All lessons are accompanied with Ear Training, Improvisation/Composition and Music Theory components.

We can also help prepare for AMEB and ANZCA exams.


Meet your teacher

Paul André is a qualified Audio Engineer, DJ and Musician holding a Diploma of Audio and Sound Production and also a Bachelor of Music double majoring in Singing and Composition.

He's been working as a music teacher all around Melbourne and Melton areas in schools, music academies and private homes since 2016. He considers himself to have been lucky to have experience teaching a variety of students from 3 to 50 y/o.

"I look forward to hearing back from you and start making great music!"

Visit www.paulandremusic.com to learn more.



"Choosing to work with Paul at Pulsar Music Studio has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as an artist. Not only is Paul extremely caring in detail and quality of the music he produces, he also prioritizes the relationship he has with the artist. Paul genuinely cares about my growth as a musician, which is why I do not only see him just a guy who produces my music, but also a mentor, a supporter, and most importantly, a great friend.

Anyone who decides to work with Paul is guaranteed to be in good hands as he is very flexible and understanding, which is why I definitely look forward to make more hits with Paul as our journey flourishes."


"I have been using the services of Paul André at his studio Pulsar Music over the past 6 months and he is a pure delight to work with.
He is capable, diligent and above all produces excellent results. He has been collaborating with me on the production of numerous songs. This involves not just pushing the right buttons but more importantly having creative input with the orchestration, music backing, arrangement and sound mixing. He is a team player and easy to work with…and a thorough gentleman.

I enjoy working with him and we are producing excellent results. I am going to continue to work with him and I recommend his sound services to anyone seeking same."


Past Clients: Jampee Er, Savier Cruz, Swipe Right Cover Band, The Bollydazzlers and MuzicBug.


Recording, Editing, Mixing and Digital MasteringProfessional Sounding Demo ProductionSingle, EP and Album ProductionSongwriting and Music CompositionArrangingLyric TranslationTranscriptions and Sheet MusicLive Performance Backing Tracks for solo artists and bandsAudio Edition for Dance and Theatre PerformancesFilm and TV Audio Post-Production (FXs, Ambiences, Voice-Over, etc...)Online Services!
*Ask for up to 50% package discounts!




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